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Antique Mirror

Obsidian Glass have a unique collection of antique mirrors, offering a range of options to suit the requirements of your project.

Our bespoke antique mirrors add depth and character, reflecting the beauty of its surroundings as well as enhancing them. We offer a range of options from the subtle to explosive to accommodate any environment.

Unique Collection

  • Moon 1/2/3
  • Old Process 1/2/3
  • Lava
  • Mercury
  • Neptune
  • Mars
  • Venus
    (All of the above can be toughened)

Stocked Product Ranges

  • Vincenzo
  • Bronze Vincenzo
  • Bianco Nero
  • Grey Vincenzo
  • Italian Antique
  • And more!
    (Stock items cannot be toughened)

Key Features

Produced in-house by hand or by machine depending on the type of mirror

Suitable behind a heat source all our toughened antique mirrors only

Easy to clean one seamless surface with no grout to stain

We Listen and Discuss and then find the right solution!